Online Dating (PC OR APP)?

Sugar Daddy appOnline dating is a personal introductory system where individuals can find each other and are also in a position to contact each other over social media. Through this, they are always usually able to plan for a date with an aim of getting to know each other well where afterward they can develop a romantic a sexual relationship.

It can always be done in two ways which are, computer side, that is the PC, and use of an APP, this is where one has to install an application in their cellphones.


Comparing the two forms of online dating, the PC side has several disadvantages compared to the app type. This is because of the following reasons,


a)When using a computer, one can at times forget to logout from the site you were using. Here any strange person can always get accessed to your privacy.

b) As a result of the improved technology, hacking a computer device is much easier to many people, therefore one can hack the device and get access to your personal life and might ruin everything.

c) At times you might be in a hurry and maybe you forget to clear your google search, the next person who will be using the machine will therefore be in a better position to get into contact with your day to day life which might be so insecure.

d) Lastly when using a computer, the PC, like for example the desktops and laptops, there could be an abrupt shut down in the devices leading to a hung up.


Maybe you were involved in a serious talk with someone online, this can lead to a misunderstanding as you will seem unserious.


All in all, pcs are generally not safe for an online dating for there is very limited privacy, chances either your accounts being hacked or your information seen by some one are very high. Therefore, the most preferred online way of dating which I will advise you to use is the app side.


APP ONLINE DATING. This is the most secure and best way of carrying out an online dating. It involves installation of an application in your mobile phones which you will use to get in touch with your partner or partners.


It has the following advantages;


• Cellphones are personal items and only you will always get accessed to it, therefore no one can get information on your phone without you knowing.

• After installing the app, you can always get in touch with your partner or partners anytime you want as it is you who controls your phone, nothing like you have to book in advance or look for a cyber to be able to connect.

• Cellphones are portable anywhere this makes it easy for you to get in touch with your partners any time you are free and available.

• The application consumes less internet as compared to the pcs.

• The cellphones also have a faster internet connection as opposed to the computer side. This makes your communication better adding some sauce to your dating.

• At times depending on season, when you have the application, some promotions can always come your way like free data and internet connections. This will help you to have time to talk to your mates.


Generally, the use ofthe app is the best way. For your perfect online dating, simply install the application to avoid insecurity, faster connection and cheap way of online dating. Installing the application is, therefore, the most and best convenient and secure way of online dating. It enables you to have more privacy plus its the fastest way of communication.


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