How To Be a Good Sugar Baby?


Sugar babyLife can be really sweet for anyone, but real sugar babies know how to enjoy a sweet lifestyle. Emphasis on real' sugar baby is intentional here, because there are thousands of beautiful babes out there who are in companionships but haven't been able to unlock the full benefits of sugar baby/sugar daddy companionships. If you want the finest things that a sugar lifestyle has to offer, you need to understand a few important things. Below are tips on how to be a great sugar baby:


1. Understand the needs of your sugar daddy

If you approach the relationship as a giver, rather than a taker, you have a greater chance of reaping the greatest reward. You have to shift your attention to evaluating exactly what he needs. This way, you'll be able to know his desires and more so his character. Maybe he's stressed up at work or simply needs someone who can take care of him. You have to know how to enhance his life. The more attention you pay to him, the easier it will be for you to identify what are his real desires in the sugar relationship.


2. Be patient with allowances

Many girls lose great sugar daddies because they are too impatient to negotiate a favorable allowance. While this is a very sensitive aspect of the engagement that should be approached with caution, still nothing enhances your bargaining power more effectively than timing your allowance negotiation. For success sake, DON'T discuss your allowance on the first date. All your concentration should be on impressing him.


3. Emotions aren't necessary for a sugar relationship

Feelings can make a great relationship get messy in a second. It's not in the interest of any sugar daddy to deal with drama (not even occasionally). So leave your emotional baggage out of the sugar equation all the time. Regulate your attitude before getting into a sugar relationship and avoid unnecessary illusions. If you check many sugar daddy dating sites, most potential partners will only want a casual relationship that thrives on a no-strings-attached basis.


4. Always remember you are paid what is due

Your sugar daddy may be many things to you, but you should never forget that he pays for the services that you provide. It's because you remind him of his youth or listen to him when he talks about what's pressuring him that he gives you an allowance. It's a reciprocation of your efforts of making him feel better. The day you'll assume that it's out of kindness that he spends his money, you'll be risking breaking the engagement.


5. Your allowance is your money

You don't have to justify your reasons for quoting a certain allowance range to a sugar daddy. There are those sugar daddies that even ask about your plans for the money they'll give. Be smart not to pour all your needs before the man. The allowance is your pay and you've earned it so whatever you wish to do with it shouldn't be his concern. When he asks about the amount you want, just state the amount confidently and with a smile.


6. Invest sufficiently in your looks

This is a no-brainer. You've got to look incredibly attractive on your sugar baby website account profile, on your first date, and always. Take care of yourself, go to the gym, and enhance your makeup skills. Your sugar daddy will want to feel they are getting the best in return for what they give. You'll not be sugar' for no reason.


You are the girl next door who prefers older men, or a student that's planning on using sugar dating to have a more enjoyable collegiate life. Or maybe you are the fun-loving lady who dreams of touring the world. Before rocking in your five-inch heels to approach your potential sugar daddy, use the above tips to understand your role in the relationship (in terms of meeting his needs). If you can play this role well, everything else including allowances becomes easier to handle.



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