How to Distinguish Between Salt Daddies and Sugar Daddies on Sugar Daddies Dating Sites?

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Sugar Daddies Dating Sites

If you are seeking for an arrangement on a sugar daddy website, you need to have knowledge on how to get the best daddy. Just like in any industry there are some daddies who might not have good intention who have flooded the dating sites. It is necessary that you be able to distinguish between salt daddies and sugar daddies. If you fall victim to salt daddies, you might live to regret because they might be there just to exploit you. To help you during this process, here are some ways you can distinguish a salt daddy from a sugar daddy.


Salt daddies offer too many promises


One of the ways that you can determine whether someone is a sugar daddy or salt daddy is that the salt ones offer a lot of promises. When you just interact with them online, they will begin by giving you some unrealistic promises that are too good to be true. In most cases, they will sound too sweet to the extent that you feel that they can take you to another level, but this is not true. Therefore, if you come across someone who is giving you too many promises, avoid them completely. A good sugar daddy is realistic and will just give promises they can fulfill. If they are unable to do something, they will tell you the truth.


Move very fast


When you visit a sugar daddy website, you might come across some who want to move very fast. If it is the first time that you are communicating, you will find them even asking you for your nudes or even talking too much about sex. If you come across such a daddy, take care because chances are high he is just a salt daddy. A great sugar daddy will move very slowly and will not ask you for such things from the start. They will want to know you more, what you do, why you want a daddy and others. They will not bring up some intimate aspects of the relationship too early in your interactions.


Demand for intimacy


A salt daddy will start demanding for intimacy from the first time that you start interacting with them online. However, it is worth noting that just like in any other relationship, intimacy is something that develops and grows with time and the same case should happen when looking for arrangement. Sugar daddies take time to allow intimacy to develop between both of you. Even if they bring in some form of intimacy during your interactions, they will never demand it from you. A genuine sugar daddy dating site will offer you men who will handle you with love and compassion.




You do not want to get disappointed by fallingvictim to salt daddies, therefore make sure you check the above aspects to avoid them. When you visit the dating site, be focused on what you are looking for. Do not be in a rush as you do your search to reduce the risk of getting the wrong. Note that it might take time to get the right sugar daddy for you.


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